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About Futurebright Studio

Futurebright Studio is a design studio created by Ray McGreal, a graduate of (SAUL) the school of architecture at of the University of Limerick. It is based in the west of Ireland.

Futurebright Studio was created as a space to explore and experiment with ideas and concepts that could promote a positive vision for the future, hence the name “Futurebright”. In the face of climate change a positive vision of the future is needed now more than ever. If we are to safely navigate our way through the climate crisis we will need climate fiction to become reality. What can we do as individuals, communities, businesses and countries to make tomorrow a little bit better than today? We’re beginning to suck GHG emissions directly out of the air. We’re slowly transitioning to clean energy. 

New alternatives to the linear economy are emerging. Is it all happening fast enough? What else can we do? Are we driven by fear or excitement or both? Can buildings become devices that heal? Can entire communities be encouraged to become agents for climate change action? What new materials, processes, systems and policies do we need to create for a flourishing web of life to once again become a reality for everyone and every living thing? Questions like these are what give Futurebright Studio focus. If any of the above resonates with you please get in touch.

Our mission is to create things that promote a positive vision for the future. We’re sharing our ideas, process, experiments and progress on instagramfacebook and our blog. If you like what we’re doing please follow our socials and share our work and ideas. Your support means a hell of a lot to us. Our projects are varied in scale, from small; automatic plant watering bulbs made of recycled plastic, to medium; a climate monitoring rainwater harvesting tower for a community garden, to large; an industrial scale pyrolysis plant. Common threads linking them include climate change, circular economy, connection to the rest of nature and community. We’re delighted that you’re on board and we hope our work and how we do it might inspire you to create your own brighter future.