Render of Climatree in the rain

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Initiated by Tacu Family Resource Centre for the community garden in Ballinrobe, Co.Mayo, Ireland, the idea came from a need to promote awareness of Ballinrobe’s green, community spaces and to inspire climate change action. Climatree is a piece of functional public art inspired by the iconic water towers of Ballinrobe and the futuristic Supertrees in the Gardens By The Bay, Singapore. This mini hybrid tower references Ballinrobe’s past and points toward a positive vision for the future.


Although Ireland is not typically associated with water shortages it is predicted that the frequency and duration of dry spells, particularly during summer months, are set to increase, which asks us to question how we can maintain a sustainable water supply for future generations. Although rainwater harvesting isn’t commonplace in Ireland, it’s becoming necessary. Some reports claim that by the year 2030 global demand for water will exceed supply by 40%.


Like an enlarged funnel dropped from space, rainwater will collect and flow down the ‘petals’ of the tower where it passes through a small filter and into a water collection tank. Water is drained into a watering can or used directly with a hose through a standard fixture attached to the bottom of the tank. It has a capacity of over 1,000 litres. Climatree’s branches are equipped with a total of 108 interactive, solar powered led lights and sensory electronics which monitor the climate. It will collect, monitor and share environmental data relevant to the area including: rainfall, air quality, air pressure, atmospheric carbon, humidity and temperature. Pre-pandemic Climatree received recognition in an international Design competition. Learn more here: