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Render of an indirect fired rotary kiln

Carbon Clean Preview

This video is part of some work completed for the design and build of a pyrolysis plant that is due to be up and running later this year. It looks grey and industrial and it is but don’t let that fool you. Pyrolysis is a thermal process that is now

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Why Conserve Water?

Global demand for water is rising. Water resources are stressed. Climate change, population increase and poor water management are causing water scarcity. In the summer of 2018 Ireland experienced a drought. This event was one of the inspirations behind Climatree. At the time it was hard to believe that Ireland,

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Render of Climatree in the rain

What is Climatree?

WHAT IS CLIMATREE? Initiated by Tacu Family Resource Centre for the community garden in Ballinrobe, Co.Mayo, Ireland, the idea came from a need to promote awareness of Ballinrobe’s green, community spaces and to inspire climate change action. Climatree is a piece of functional public art inspired by the iconic water

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Climatree structure in progress

Climatree Project Update #001

We’ve built a full scale prototype to help us iron out the kinks! As a first of its kind rainwater harvesting tower there are plenty of them to iron out. Thankfully, there’s nothing we can’t solve. We are documenting our process here. We’re designing, prototyping and building as fast as

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paddleboarding on lough mask

What is Futurebright Studio?

My name is Ray McGreal. I’m a graduate of the School of Architecture at the University of Limerick. Futurebright Studio is the place where I attempt to make sense of the world. I’m drawn towards ideas and things that point towards a positive vision of the future, hence the name:

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